Parallel rallies in Phatthalung, Yala

People's Democratic Reform Committee protesters in Phattalung and Yala provinces are staging ralies on Saturday in parallel with their counterparts in Bangkok.

Like Bangkok protesters on Saturday, they are pushing for reform before a new election takes place.

In Phatthalung, some 2,000 protesters are gathering in front of the city hall, demanding the caretaker government resign and reform take place, Khao Sod Online reported.

They pledged not to oppose or disrupt the senator election to take place on Sunday. Khao Sod also reported one of their leaders runs in the election.

In Yala, the rally is being held at the White Elephant Ceremony Hall in Maung district.

After making a round of Muang distict, they will return to the hall to  discuss the next move, Thai Rath online reported.

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