Democrats: Hold your poll

The Democrat Party has asked the government to delay a fresh election because the situation is far from calm.

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Party spokesperson Chavanond Intarakomalyasut said the poll did not need to be run within 40-60 days like under normal circumstances when the House of Representatives was dissolved.

To the question whether the party will run in the next election, Mr Chavanond said the party supported democracy to progress smoothly. However, the political conflicts right now have shown no sign of abating.

The anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee has a clear stand of not accepting an election under its current form or rules. It views that a poll would only legitimise the ruling Pheu Thai party to abuse the power it wins from the ballots to pass illegitimate laws  such as constituional amendments to change the senate composition or origins, or an amnesty law.

"We therefore plead with Ms Yinglcuk (Shinawatra) to repent and show sincerity. She should stop any act that may instigate violence. On the contrary, she needs to heal people's feelings and orders her party and coalition parties not to speed up the new election," he said.

"A new election needs to be acceptable to all parties," Mr Chavanond concluded.

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