Cambodia busts cockfights

PHNOM PENH - A Cambodian man has been jailed for one year for running an illegal cockfighting ring, just days after police arrested 15 people attending a separate cockfight, according to a local report.

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The sport, which pits two roosters, often with razor blades attached to their legs, against each other until one dies, is popular among gamblers in Cambodia and neighbouring countries, but Phnom Penh outlawed it in 2009.

Tuy Pha, who was jailed on Thursday, had received warnings for hosting cockfights, the Cambodia Daily reported.

"They call cockfighting a sport but cockfighting is gambling and gambling is illegal," the paper quoted Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak, as saying.

Of the 15 people arrested this week, most had been placing bets equivalent to 800 baht on the fight, according to the report.

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