More internet in 2 provinces

Four companies will compete in bids to set up public telephone booths and lay fibre-optic broadband networks in Nong Khai and Phitsanulok.

The two provinces are under the Telephone and Internet Universal Service Obligation (USO) pilot project of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, which aims to provide basic telecom services to areas not fully covered by commercial services because they are not cost-justified.

TOT Plc and True Universal Convergence Co Ltd applied to join the bid to install public telephones in Phitsanulok. The maximum price is 31.73 million baht.

They will also apply to join the bid to install broadband network in the central province, as will Triple T Broadband Plc. The maximum price is set at 283.33 million baht.

For Nong Khai, TOT, Glisten Intertrade Co Ltd and True Universal Convergence Co Ltd will join the bid for telephones, with the ceiling price set at 3.73 million baht.

The trio will also vie for the province's broadband project, as will Triple T Broadband. The maximum price is 122.99 million baht.

The money for these projects will come from the USO Fund, to which all telecoms operators or licensees contribute 3.75% of their gross revenue.

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