Government offices open Tuesday

Anti-government protesters have agreed to open all government offices starting Tuesday, except Government House and the Interior Ministry.

The People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) said government officials except those of the two agencies could go back to serving people from April 8, said secretary general Suthep Thaugsuban after a meeting with the PDRC's allies on Saturday.

However, caretaker ministers may not enter the offices and the PDRC will put up a sign saying officials agree with the reform on the gates, he said.

"We shut down Bangkok in the hope that Yingluck [Shinawatra] would resign. We overestimated her. She didn't care one bit about the troubles faced by Bangkok's people. When we restarted Bangkok but kept government agencies closed, it [the government] forced officials to work in remote offices, causing troubles to low-ranking officials," he said.

"That's why we decided to open government offices. However, the officials may not take orders from Yingluck and the government. They can only serve people and they must allow us to put up signs on the gates saying they would cooperate with the PDRC's reforms. They also need to take good care of these signs. If they are torn or blown away, they will have to fix them or we will close their offices again."

The PDRC left out Government House because "this office does not serve people but rather Yingluck".

As for the Interior Ministry, Mr Suthep said he did not trust caretaker minister Charupong Ruangsuwan who had accepted Nattawut Saikuar's proposal to separate the country.

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