Woman jumps off MBK, survives

A woman described as mentally ill by her mother jumped from the sixth floor of MBK Centre in Pathumwan district on Thursday afternoon, injuring herself badly.

The woman, aged 35, jumped off the sixth floor of the mall’s parking area at about 3.30pm and hit an awning on the second floor, breaking her arms and legs, police said.

She was rushed to the nearby King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital by the mall’s staff.    

The tearful mother told police her daughter had been treated for mental disorder at Somdet Chao Praya Hospital in Klong San district for several years. She accompanied her to see a doctor at the hospital as usual and then took her to MBK Centre to see her elder brother who sells mobile phones on the fourth floor. 

“While we strolled around the mall, she asked me that ‘If I commit suicide, will you be angry at me?’ but I did not think anything. After that she asked to go to toilet,” she said.

The mother later learned that her daughter really did what she had told her. 

Police assumed the woman may have felt stressed from her mental health problems and decided to kill herself.      

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