Supernatural TV programme scrapped

A satellite TV channel operator has agreed to remove its controversial programme involving the use of supernatural power to cure diseases or solve people's problems through the TV screen.

H Plus Channel Corporation, the operator of H Plus Channel, has scrapped the Palang Patiharn (Supernatural Force) programme after talks with regulators.

The programme involves rituals in which force is claimed to be sent from Perseus through the TV screen to cure the sick and make forecasts.

The programme may have taken advantage of viewers by deceiving or misleading them about the properties of certain products or services, said Supinya Klangnarong, a national telecommunications commissioner.

Having received reports of possible scams, the regulator invited the channel's operator to discuss the issue on Friday.

After the meeting, the operator agreed to remove the programme. It also pledged to be more strict with its content in the future.

Since a number of channels air ads which border on scams, the authorities will need to set criteria to restrict this type of content, Ms Supinya said.

H Plus Channel was earlier warned about illegal health products ads by the Food and Drug Administration. The NBTC therefore resolved to give it a two-year licence.

If such ads are aired again, the licence will be cut further to one year, she said.

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