Poll: Politics puts Thais under stress

Most Thai people are now under stress because of the ongoing political, economic and social problems, according to a survey by Suan Dusit Poll published on Sunday.

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The poll was conducted between April 8 and 12 on 1,392 people throughout the country to find out what was causing them stress.

The highest number of the respondents, 97.18%, said the political situation was stressing them out, 94.37% pointed to economic problems, particularly the high cost of living, and 92.16% blamed it on social problems including crime, lack of safety for life and property and low morality and ethics of people.

Asked what are the causes of the political stress, 41.4% pointed to the prolonged political protests, 36.31% mentioned the unfavourable conduct of politicians and 22.29% blamed it political instability.

Asked what economic problems put them under stress the most, 40.99% of the respondents said the high cost of living, 30.81% said low income and indebtedness and 28.20% pointed to economic recession and foreigners' low confidence in the Thai economy.

On social problems, 55.98% of the respondents said they feel stressed because of the political conflict, 25.47% said selfishness among people is the cause while 18.55% said a low standard of morality is to blame.

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