Thaksin: Government 'ready to talk'

Ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra has called on all sides to end political malice and said the Yingluck Shinawatra-led government is ready for talks with every group so long as they are based on democratic principles.

He said New Year was a time when people forgive one another, clear their minds of bad thoughts and put an end to retribution.

Thaksin was speaking on Monday at a Skype meeting with local government officials and supporters led by his younger sister and former Pheu Thai MP for Chiang Mai Yaowapa Wongsawat.

The group sought Thaksin’s blessing for the Songkran festival, which ushers in the Thai New Year, at the party's office in San Kamphaeng district of Chiang Mai.

In his latest Skype message, Thaksin, reportedly in Beijing, said the Shinawatra family had never been selfish as alleged by his political rivals and only adhered to democratic principles. He claimed to have sacrificed for the majority of Thais, not for certain groups.

The former premier then thanked everyone for offering him a traditional Songkran rod nam dam hua blessings and wished them happiness.

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