NACC mulling having own security unit

The National Anti-Corruption Commission is studying the feasibility of having its own security unit to ensure the safety of the organisation and its members, NACC member Vicha Mahakhun said.

Mr Vicha said anti-graft agencies in many other countries have set up their own security units.

The Administrative Court and the courts of justice were already in the process of setting up one of their own security units, so the NACC will study their process and consider forming its own securtity force, he said.

Mr Vicha said the NACC is currently under heavy threat as it is now considering several important cases.  Tol date, the NACC has sought the cooperation of the police and the military in providing security.

He said the NACC is not concentrating its investigations on only alleged irregularities in the rice-pledging scheme of the Yingluck Shinawatra government,  but also on the rice price insurance scheme of the former Abhisit Vejjajiva administration.

The investigation into the rice price insurance scheme is going on slowly because the agencies involved were not cooperating fully when asked to provide information to the NACC, Mr Vicha said.

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