59 motorbike street racers rounded up

Bang Khun Thien police early Wednesday rounded up 59 youngsters and impounded 47 motorcycles for illegally racing on Kanchanapisek road in Bang Bon district.

The police were acting on complaints from local residents who said the racers were a  public nuisance and obstructed traffic.

The operation began at 2.30am. It involved 45 policemen to round up the racers and and large trucks to block the road.

Of the 59 arrested, 24 of them - 21 boys and three girls - were under 18 years old.  The other 35 - 23 boys and 12 girls - were above 18.

Two policemen were hurt when hit by fleeing motorcycles.  Pol Sr Sgt Maj Jakrapong Pinjai was injured in the right leg, and Pol Sr Sgt Maj Thanapol Thongruang  was hurt in the left leg.

Those above 18 years old were to be indicted in the Criminal Court on charges of reckless driving and breaking the traffic law, while those under 18 were headed for the Juvenile Delinquency Court.

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