Vandal kills giant catfish in park pond

TRANG – A vandal has killed a Mekong giant catfish being raised in a pond in a public park in Trang municipality and loved by local people, causing much sadness.

Chaninwit Sinchai, 48, chairman of Kapang Surin community in Muang district on Wednesday afternoon showed Trang police the carcass of the young but mature fish, which was around 1.6 metres long and weighed over 20 kilogrammes. It was shot in the head.

Mr Chaninwit said the Mekong giant catfish, a female aged 5-6 years, was in the Kapang Surin pond in the province’s oldest public park.

It was killed on early Wednesday morning but the shooter was unable to take the fish away because it was too big.

There are more than 100 Mekong giant catfish being raised in the pond and which have been fed by local people and visitors to the park for decades. Some local residents believed that smaller fish had been killed earlier, so the community had tried to step up security to prevent further poaching.

Apichit Vinothai, mayor of Trang Municipality, said a no hunting sign will be put up at the park, and the municipality will take legal action against anyone trying to catch the fish. 

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