Cross-dressing monk upsets CSD

A civil network has filed a police complaint against a monk who donned female clothes in photos widely shared on a Facebook page.

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The complaint was lodged Thursday by Songkran Achariyasap, who chairs a network that monitors activities considered detrimental to Thailand, religion or the monarchy, with the Crime Suppression Division (CSD)..

Mr Songkran said he had received information over the last three months from his network members about pictures of a monk wearing woman’s outfits and long-hair wigs shown on a Facebook page.

Such photos and messages on a social media page, which has more than 350 friends, are inappropriate for somebody who is in the monkhood and are detrimental to Buddhism, he said.

Mr Songkran said he is trying to identify the temple where the monk stays.

The monk reportedly dons saffron robes in the daytime, but wears female outfits to visit entertainment venues at night, Mr Songkran said. The monk has the alias of “Natali Roi Na” on Facebook.

Messages posted on the page also hinted at sexual relationships between men, drinking and night life, underground lotteries, fighting among monks and beauty contests they attended.

Mr Songkran said the monk had violated Article 206, 208 and 341 of the Criminal Code. Article 206 involves insult of religion, while Article 208 concerns impersonating monks or clergyman of any religion by wearing similar outfits. Article 341 is connected with deception. He also submitted 42 photos shared on the Facebook page to the CSD as evidence for prosecution.

Mr Songkran also filed complaints against three other men who have appeared in photos on the page.  A man in photos is performing oral sex while wearing a monk’s angsa, or shoulder piece. Another man donned the angsa while attending various beauty contests. The third complaint was lodged against Thammasat student Saran Chuichai, 20, who performed inappropriate gestures with a Buddha image, he said.

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