Body Slam drummer arrested

Thai rock band Body Slam’s drummer was arrested on Friday on a charge of intrusion into a woman's room at a condominium where he lives in Vatcharaphol area of Kannayao district.

Suchatti Juned was apprehended after he was accused of breaking into a neighbour's room on Wednesday. It was recorded by the building's security camera.

Kwanjira Boonlorpan, 32, owner of a food shop in Kasetsart University, reported the intrusion to police on Friday.

She said she had called her younger sister about the break-in and later they went to review the footage to identify the intruder.

The security camera shows Mr Suchatti walked back and forth 10 or more times between his room and the woman’s room, which are five doors apart. Finally, he broke into the room using a small knife and left the room just less than a minute later.

Police said Mr Suchatti admitted he was very drunk and decided to break into the room.  Police charged him with intrusion,  Pol Lt Col Suban Athiset of Kannayao police station said.

The Body Slam drummer later posted a “sorry” image on his personal Instagram Shutt666, saying that he had  no intention of hurting anyone.

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