Ayutthaya teen racers seek road circuit

Teen motorcycle street racers in Ayutthaya have proposed to the provincial governor that he close a road to allow them to race under authorised conditions, saying the move is likely to reduce harassment and the number of accidents related to illegal activities.

Their proposal was revealed on Thursday by governor Wittaya Piewpong who immediately rejected the idea once he learned about it.

According to Mr Wittaya, members of a local racing gang made the suggestion to him on their Facebook groups and the topic was discussed widely among them. An official close to the group then informed him about the proposal. 

The youngster asked to close Ayutthaya bypass road No.356 connecting No.347, but did not give further details related to the nature of their planned racing such as times to organise races and for how long, or if they would wear safety equipment and clothing. 

Mr Wittaya said he and provincial officials understood the group’s intention to find a space for them to express themselves but it was impossible to accept their request because it was illegal to allow motor racing on public roads.

“It would do more harm than good. It would cause damage and more problems if accidents happened. Besides, the traffic and highway police also disagree,” the governor explained. 

Mr Wittaya urged parents of the young street racers to advise them to spend time on other outdoor and sporting activities which did not pose a danger to their lives, adding the province would offer full support for them.  

The leader of the gang, who asked not to be named, declined to comment further on the racing circuit proposal.   

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