Bright future for Thai welders

Thai welders, carpenters and masseurs will have plenty of opportunities to work in Asean once regional integration takes place in late 2015.

An analysis on labour demand conducted by the Labour Ministry has identified seven professions that Thais will have an edge when the Asean Economic Community is formed late in 2015, said deputy labour permanent secretary Sumate Mahosot.

They are manual or semi-automatic metal active gas (MAG) welders, tungsten inert gas (TIG) carbon steel or stainless steel welders, HDPE pipe welders, steel pipe assemblers and fitters, carpenters, Thai masseurs and Thai-food cooks, according to a Matichon Online report.

Thai skilled workers are well known for their quality works and in high demand in countries such as Singapore and Brunei, he said.

"Workers in the services sector will also have opportunities to work in Malaysia.

"This is especially the case for Thai-food restaurants such as cooks and waiters."

The Malaysian Society of Complementary Therapists also requires Thai massage therapists to train at least 772 hours in Thailand and pass standard tests.

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