PM lawyers threaten to sue NACC

A lawyer representing caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Wednesday threatened to sue the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) again for refusing to hear the testimony of seven more witnesses in the rice–pledging case and recheck the government's rice stocks.

Bancha Parameesanaporn said the NACC was too hasty in concluding that the extra witnesses had nothing to do with the issues with which Ms Yingluck had been charged and that the premier’s request to re-examine the rice stocks was unnecessary.

Ms Yingluck is accused of dereliction of duty for her failure to tackle allegations of graft in the scheme. She is chair of the National Rice Policy Committee.

Mr Bancha accused the anti-graft panel of neglecting to examine evidence and failing to give justice to Ms Yingluck, and such acts meant their discretion in relation to the case was not exercised in good faith.

The legal team is gathering evidence to sue the NACC for dereliction of duty under Section 157 of the Criminal Code, the same charge the prime minister is facing, Mr Bancha said.

He said the team would submit a letter to the NACC for the last time clarifying that Ms Yingluck had not committed any wrongdoing and should not be suspended from duty if the panel rules against her.  

Ms Yingluck’s legal team has been threatening to sue the NACC since early this month.

The NACC is expected to make its decision over Ms Yingluck's involvement in the scheme on May 8 or 15.

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