Dam discharge destroys farm roads

A group of northern farmers complain that water being discharged at high volume to lower the level of a local irrigation dam in Phrae has cut essential temporary roads they use to transport their crops from the fields.

About 200 residents of Ban Khanoon sub-district of Song district in Phrae province gathered at the irrigation office that supervises the Mayom dam on Friday morning.

They complained that the increasing discharge from the dam is causing strong currents that have cut through two temporary roads to their fields.

The extra discharge is aimed at allowing dredging above the dam, but it affects the roads that villagers built with their own money in Moo 1 and Moo 10 villages.

The roads were built across the Yom River as shortcuts in the dry season and villagers buried pipes to carry the shallow water flow in the river. Without these roads, they must take their crops on other  routes which are 10-15 kilometres longer.

The locals showed up with their village headmen and demanded local irrigation officials repair their roads. Irrigation officials received the demand and agreed to seek a decision from their superviser.

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