Abhisit’s proposals 'unconstitutional'

In response to Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva’s proposals on political solutions, independent legal academic Verapat Pariyawong said the proposals were unconstitutional in four areas.

According to him, the proposal to have an interim government with limited power pending a national reforms plan is against the charter which calls for secure and continuous government.

Another proposal for the Senate to appoint the interim government is tantamount to robbing people’s power.

The proposal to have the Reform Now network including the anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) work out reforms guidelines means that the reforms agenda would be designed by the groups that are neither elected by people nor supported by the constitution and this will compound conflicts.

The proposal for the Election Commission (EC) or a court to dissolve any political party that opposes the national reform guidelines will let an independent organisation or a court to influence a national reform process and ruin checks and balance.

However, Mr Verapat supports Mr Abhisit’s proposal for the EC to improve its regulations to ensure fair and transparent elections. He also suggested that pending the regulation improvement, all concerned parties should work out national reform guidelines and a referendum on the guidelines should be held simultaneously with the next election in a few months.

Mr Verapat also commented that there might be a plot to have Mr Abhisit’s proposals rejected and the Constitutional Court could then cite the circumstance to work out a national solution by itself. If things develop as such, he warned that that could lead to bloodshed.

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