Cancer kills former Kanchanaburi MP

Pinij Chansomboon, a four-time former MP for Kanchanaburi, died of gastric cancer on Saturday at Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital in Kanchanaburi. He was 59.

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Pinij had been receiving treatment at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok for about two months but the cancer persisted and he was brought home to Kanchanaburi, said his wife Nipa, 57.

His condition deteriorated deriously on April 26 and he was admitted to Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital in Muang Kanchanaburi district. He stayed there until he passed away at 3am Saturday.

His body wastaken to Wat Thewa Sangkharam temple in Ban Nua sub-district of Muang Kanchanaburi for religious ceremonies that have yet to be finally scheduled.

Pinij and Mrs Nipa have two sons and a daughter. He served four terms as an MP for Kanchanaburi under the banners of the Palang Dharma, Thai Rak Thai, People Power and Pheu Thai parties.

While in public office he served as a secretary to the transport minister, a secretary to the House Speaker on two occasions, and as a government whip times. He usually took passenger buses alone to Bangkok to attend House meetings.

He normally travelled in his pickup truck and while campaigning he liked to carry a megaphone and woo voters at fresh markets early in the morning.

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