Reds ask PT to reject charter court

Red shirts of the pro-government People's Radio for Democracy Group (PRDG) on Sunday called on the Pheu Thai Party to reject the Constitutional Court's authority, claiming it had breached the constitution.

The group, led by Charn Chaiya, submitted the request to the party in a letter which was received by spokesman Prompong Nopparit.

Mr Charn asked the Pheu Thai Party and the government to undertake civil disobedience against the court’s performance of its duty. He accused the court of violating Section 300 of the constitution, therefore it should not have authority to accepts petitions or issue rulings in cases. 

The court is accused of failing to complete tasks stipulated in sections 216 and 300 of the 2007 charter.

Section 216 requires the court to prescribe its procedures in an organic act while Section 300 requires it to do that within one year from the date the charter took effect. 

Mr Charn demanded Pheu Thai discard the court’s judicial powers and disseminate “the facts related to the alleged breach of the charter” to the public. He called on all the judges to resign from the nine-member panel so that new judges could be appointed.  

The PRDG leader threatened to mobilise supporters nationwide to reject the court’s rulings if the judges continue to perform their duties.

The PRDG is a faction of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD). 

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