Five Chinese 'swindlers' caught

Five Chinese nationals wanted in China on swindling charges in three separate cases have been arrested.

Gao Feng, 35, Gao Yi, 30, and Feng Jiang Jun, 47, were nabbed in Chiang Mai after allegedly luring people to invest in Chinese real estate. The properties were allegedly used as collateral for a 250-million-baht bank loan.

Meanwhile, Gu Zhiping, 52, was arrested at a restaurant in Samut Prakan. He allegedly duped people in China into selling him their houses and getting them to sign over ownership. He then sold the houses and fled to Thailand.

Luo Xue Ping, 44, was arrested in Huai Khwang. He is accused of defrauding people by coaxing them into co-signing a bank loan worth about 180 million baht, then escaping to Thailand.

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