Thai mini medical-robots for Japan

A Thai company plans to tap the Japanese market with the export of an initial batch of 10, 60cm high medical robots - named Dinsow mini - programmed to assist elderly people, according to the National Innovation Agency (NIA).

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The NIA has supported Computer Telephony Asia Co to further develop its Dinsow robot for medical purpose. The first generation of Dinsow has been used to serve food at MK suki restaurants.

This mini robot, 60cm high, will be installed with 3D camera to monitor elderly people, whose relatives would then be able to follow their well-being via smartphone.

the company will take three months to adjust the software to Japanese needs in a cooperative endeavour with facilities providing care for the elderly.

 In Thailand, the company aims to offer Dinsow mini on a rental basis, at a fee of 9,000 to 10,000 baht a month. The business model in Japan has not yet finalised.

Chalermpon Punnotok, the company’s chief executive officer, said Dinsow mini aimed to serve Japanese people aged 80 years or more who have mobility difficulties. It could monitor their movements and assist them to be punctual in taking medication, and keep medical records.

Thailand in April announced an ambitious plan to become a production centre for robots for use in medical treatment. The Science and Technology Ministry will budget 2 billion baht over five years, through to 2017, to build facilities and systems for the new industry sector.

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