Reds vow to retake Chaeng Watthana

A pro-government red-shirt group said on Wednesday it will mobilise supporters to go to Chaeng Watthana Road Thursday to reclaim a blockaded section from anti-government protesters.

Sornrak Malaithong, leader of the People's Radio for Democracy Group (PRDG) said Thursday’s action aimed to expel the "insurrection group" and return the road and happiness to the people. 

The group want Luang Pu Buddha Issara, leader of the Chaeng Watthana protest site, to dismantle the rally stage and clear the blocked section of road immediately. 

Mr Sornrak said he had invited people from all groups and colours who were affected by Luang Pu's street rally to gather at Laksi roundabout at 9am and start marching to Chaeng Watthana Road at 11am. 

Meanwhile, Luang Pu has proposed to move his stage to the space in front of Building B in the Government Complex compound. 

Luang Pu made the proposal when he held talks Wednesday morning with representatives from 40 state agencies whose offices are in the complex.

Both sides agreed that the stage should be removed from the road but they had yet to reach an agreement over the new protest venue in the compound.   

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