Capo threatens 'decisive legal action'

The government’s Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (Capo) stated Friday afternoon that all leaders and followers of the anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) would face decisive legal action.

It also said all PDRC leaders would have to take full criminal and civil responsibility as their protests caused national damage. Capo noted that it did not ask the military to join in its statement or opinion.

The Capo statement accused PDRC leaders of continually violating laws and causing national damage. It cited the state prosecution's decision on Thursday to charge 51 PDRC leaders with many serious offences. These include insurrection, terrorism, causing public disorder, illegal assembly, instigating work stoppages and obstruction of the Feb 2 elections.

Capo said the PDRC’s blockage of the election delayed the formation of a new government of national administration.

It also said the Constitutional Court’s ruling dismissing Yingluck Shinawatra as the prime minister and the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s decision to impeach her in the Senate over the rice-pledging scheme was a response to the PDRC’s demands. Even so, the PDRC had not stopped its demonstrations.

On the contrary, the PDRC launched more violent activities, including its seizure of television stations and important government offices today, Capo said on Friday.

 The Constitutional Court on Wednesday disqualified Ms Yingluck and nine other members of her caretaker cabinet  for their role in the transfer of Thawil Pliensri from the position of the National Security Council secretary-general to adviser to the prime minister in 2011 to facilitate the promotion of her relative, Pol Gen Priewpan Damapong, to the job of national police chief.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission on Thursday decided to bring impeachment proceedings against Ms Yingluck for failing to halt her party's policy rice-pledging scheme after it was found to be plagued with corruption and huge losses. It is also considering bringing criminal charges against her.

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