Transport Co to upgrade bus fleet

The Transport Co will lease 100 single-decker buses to replace its old fleet of buses by the end of this year.

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Company president Wuthichart Kalyanamitra said yesterday the company was in the process of drafting the terms of reference (ToR) for the three-year lease of the buses.

By the end of the year, a number of the company's old double-decker buses would be taken out and the new leased vehicles would be added to the fleet instead, Mr Wuthichart said.

And because it would be a lease, not a purchase of the new buses, Transport Co was not required to seek any endorsement from the cabinet, he said.

Each of the new buses will be about 15 metres long, modern, equipped with an excellent safety system and a high performance, Mr Wuthichart said.

As for next year's plan, he said, the company intends to replace old buses with 269 new buses in a procurement plan that is required to be approved by the new government.

In a related project, the draft ToR for the project to install security cameras on the existing buses of the company should be finished by next month.

The company wants to install three cameras on each of its 800 buses to improve services and passenger safety, Mr Wuthichart said.

One camera will be installed at the front of the bus, one inside the bus, and another near the driver’s seat, Mr Wuthichart said.

The cameras will be linked to Transport Co’s control centre using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, he said.

The camera at the front of the bus will capture what is going on at the head of the bus, he said.

The one near the driver's seat is designed to capture the habits of the drivers.

The other camera inside is intended to monitor passenger safety during their trip on the bus, Mr Wuthichart  said.

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