Surin store collapse kills six people

SURIN – The front of a construction supplies store in Muang district collapsed during a thunderstorm, killing six people, three from the same family, and injuring two others on Tuesday evening.

The Global House building in tambon Chaniaeng of Muang district collapsed about 5pm on Tuesday. 

The front steel structure caved-in, tumbling to the ground and crushing six people to death. 

Three of the dead were the store’s employees - Sakchai Prajuchan, Rob Chusrikhao and Yo Saengprasert - and the other three all customers from the same family - Charan Phetnok, his pregnant wife Suthathip Oukard and his daughter Mathurot Phetnok.  

All six viuctims were waiting to be picked up outside the store.

Surin governor Niran Kalayanamit has appointed a fact-finding committee to determine if the building's collapse was caused by the storm or a structural failure.

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