BMA app to fight traffic

Before heading into Bangkok’s notoriously bad traffic, a thought that crosses almost everyone’s mind is “Which route should I take?”

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As all drivers must have experienced at one point, choosing incorrectly will land you in a heavy flow of traffic long enough to make your bladder scream.

But stress no more, because BMA Live Traffic is here to assist.

The app features a detailed map of Bangkok, dotting places like schools, restaurants, hospitals, malls and banks, as well as big events happening around the city. Accidents and construction sites, some of the major causes of  congestion, are also featured. To top it off, the app gives users instant access to CCTV cameras along city streets. Together with its colour-coded map (green for light traffic and red for heavy), it is one of the best tools to help you avoid gridlock and navigate around protester-occupied streets.

With data provided by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Intelligent Traffic Information Centre Foundation, information on road congestion and traffic indexes are provided. This comes in handy when deciding which routes to take. The map itself is quite detailed and can be zoomed in and out easily.

The language can be switched between Thai and English, which makes the app useful even for foreigners.

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