Transplant costs covered by SSO

The Social Security Office (SSO) has approved coverage for the costs of five types of organ transplantation for its members.

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They are transplantation of the heart, lungs, liver and pancreas including double transplantation of the heart/lungs, the heart/kidney and pancreas/kidney.

The SSO will pay for treatment costs of both donors and recipients. They comprise pre-surgery costs for brain-dead and normal donors, as well as recipients and surgery costs of recipients, both with complications and without, based on the criteria of each organ transplantation and treatment methods.

It also covers post-surgery treatment costs such as examination, lab tests, immunosuppressant level tests and immunosuppressant drugs.

The SSO projected an extra cost of 23 million baht this year as a result of the extended coverage.

It consists of operation fees and immunosuppressant drugs for the first year of 1.055 million baht (the heart and lungs), 1.16 million (liver) and 1.67 million (pancreas).

For double transplantation, the costs are 1.05 million baht (the heart and kidney) and 1.17 million (other combinations).

The SSO also pays for immunosuppressant drugs from the third year till death, totalling 222,000 to 240,000 baht for each patient.

The members who meet the criteria can have the surgery free of charge but need to seek prior approval and use hospitals on the approved list. Right now, there are five: Siriraj, Ramathobodi, Chulalongkorn and Rajavithi hospitals in Bangkok, as well as Srinagarind Hospital in Khon Kaen.

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