State enterprises 'invited' to meet Capo

The Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order will invite executives of all state enterprises to attend a meeting with Capo officials this Wednesday to discuss the political situation and promote understanding, Sirima Sunawin, a Capo staff member, said on Monday.

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Ms Sirima was reading out the 9th Capo statement, responding to an announcement made on Sunday by Komsan Thongsiri, secretary-general of the State Enterprise Workers' Relations Confederation, that all state enterprises would go on strike for five days from May 22 in support of People's Democratic Reform Committee leader Suthep Thaugsuban's campaign against the "Thaksin regime" and officials "serving as its lackeys".

The statement called for all state enterprises workers to bear in mind that Mr Suthep and his colleagues had been charged with rebellion and other charges.  Mr Suthep and Chumpol Julasai, a PDRC core member, in particular, had been additionally charged with terrorism, it said.

Supporting them could be construed as supporting people accused of breaking the law.  Also, going on strike in this manner was prohibited by the Labour Relations Act and State Enterprise Labour Relations Act, the statement said.

Ms Sirima said in addition to the planned meeting with state enterprise executives, Capo would send a letter to the supreme commander seeking military assistance in the event that water or power supplies were cut in areas under Capo's jurisdiction.

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