Thaksin: Make Thais happy again

Fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Sunday used his Twitter account to demand the coup leaders “return happiness” to the Thai people and give justice to all sides of the political divide.

Thaksin said on @thaksinlive that he felt sad about the coup, adding the kingdom had faced years of conflicts stemming from divisions in justice and mudslinging.   

“I appeal to the NCPO (the National Council for Peace and Order) to return happiness, enabling [people] to turn and smile at one another like they did 10 years ago,” he said.

He urged the NCPO to provide justice to all groups involved in the political crisis and view all of them —whether they agreed or disagreed with the coup — as fellow Thais.

“I want the NCPO to treat them by adhering to international standards based on the rule of law, respect of human rights and straightforward judicial process to make Thailand respectable in the eyes of civilised countries.”        

Thaksin's Twitter page had been inactive since August last year but came back to life as the ousted premier responded to the top brass’s decision to declare martial law and launch a coup. In his previous Twitter post, Thaksin said the declaration of martial law was not a surprise.

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