PT ministers brawl in army camp

Two former cabinet ministers of the Pheu Thai Party argued and came close to blows after one of them lost about 4 million baht gambling in a card game during their detention at Adisorn military camp in Saraburi province, The Manager reported on Friday.

They were among the group of former Pheu Thai MPs and ministers held at the army camp by the  National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) aftr the coup.

The report said they played cards and drank to kill the time and the soldiers did not stop them.

Just before their release, it was reported that two former ministers quarreled loudly as they had been gambling at cards since their arrival at the camp, and the bets had grown large

One of the former ministers was the banker and the other placed bets.

The bettor finally lost over 4 million baht and was upset about it. The loser was drunk and cursed the "banker" and they started to quarrel and throw things at each other.

Their friends stopped them just as they were about to start fighting, the  report said.

Among the former ministers detained at Adisorn Camp were former interior minister Chuchart Harnsawat and former science and technology minister Woravat Au-apinyakul.

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