Rosewood seized in Nakhon Phanom

Border patrol police seized rosewood planks in Nakhon Phanom before they could be smuggled out of the country Saturday morning.

Pol Lt Col Thawee Phanoi, commander of the 237th border patrol police company in Tha Uthen district of the northeastern province, said the seizure took place in the district before the wood could be smuggled to Laos.

Police found 49 rosewood planks, totalling 1.03 cubic metres, fully loaded on a green Nissan pickup truck with the licence plate number 9598 registered in Nakhon Phanom near the Mekong River in Ban Nakhatha village of Phathai sub-district.

Suspected smugglers fled the scene. Police assumed that they were waiting for a boat that would carry the planks to Laos.

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