Ministry rushes to block anti-coup move

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has taken pre-emptive actions after Jakrapob Penkair said on Friday his group would set up a movement to lead an anti-coup campaign outside Thailand.

The former Prime Minister's Office minister told Australian media on Friday his group would create an organisation for all groups protesting the coup inside and outside Thailand.

This would be a non-radical group using civil disobedience, the media quoted Mr Jakrapob as saying from Cambodia.

Sek Wannamethi, director general of the ministry's Information Department, told Matichon Online on Saturday the ministry had discussed the issue with You Aye, Cambodian ambassador to Thailand.

The ambassador reiterated Cambodia's stance of not supporting the use of her country as a base for political movements in a manner that could be viewed as a politician intervention.

Mr Sek also said the ministry had prepared a guideline to explain the situation to public sectors in foreign countries after Human Rights Watch issued a statement in negative light regarding the coup.

"Permanent secretary Sihasak Phuangketkeow will attend the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva where he would explain the latest developments in Thailand and why the military had to seize the ruling power," Mr Sek said.

The Australian media also quoted Mr Jakrapob as saying the movement will be based in a neutral country outside Thailand. It will not be Cambodia to avoid putting the country in a difficult position.

He also said the group had considered and then ruled out the possibility of forming a government in exile.

Thaksin Shinawatra, who lives in exile since fleeing a 2008 conviction for abuse of power, is not involved in the movement, Mr Jakrapob said.

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