10 questions for Prayuth to answer

A question most people want National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) leader Prayuth Chan-ocha to clarify is how long it will take to bring the situation in the country back to normal and when will the night curfew be completely lifted, according to Suan Susit Poll.

The poll was conducted on 1,434 people throughout the country between June 3-7 to find out what they want Gen Prayuth to tell them.

The question raised by the highest number of respondents, or 89.34%, is how long it will take to solve the country's problems and bring the situation back to normal and when the night curfew will be lifted?

The other questions are:

- Will there be an election and when? (45.59%)

- How will the NCPO work to achieve reforms and solve the existing conflicts? (82.95)

- How will the NCPO solve energy-related problems such as high prices for gas, fuel and electricity and prevent consumers from being taken advantage of by business operators? (80.33%)

- How will the NCPO handle cases related to political offences, lese majeste and corruption? (78.32%)

- How will the NCPO solve economic problems, create public confidence, spur trade and investment and prepare to enter into the Asean Economic Community? (78.11%)

- How will the NCPO ensure educational reforms and increase people's opportunity to get an education? (77.30%)

- How will the NCPO help farmers, particularly over rice prices and debts? (76.28%)

- How will the NCPO cope with problems over safety in life and property, unemployment, drugs, etc?  (75.27%)

- What makes Gen Prayuth feel the most uneasy in this situation and will he take the prime ministership? (68.25%) 

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