Red-shirt leaders join reconciliation

Media reports are quoting Lt Gen Kampanart Ruddit, director of the Reconciliation for Reform Centre, as saying that red-shirt leaders in all areas have agreed to attend forums in August that should lead to reconciliation and reform initiatives.

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Lt Gen Kampanart said the staff of the reconciliation centre will talk to local people nationwide and gather their opinions. Provincial governors were asked to take a leading role in organising the forums while the military would act as the facilitator.

The reconciliation process will take three months. It is divided into three phases and the first and present phase concerns the creation of a reconciliatory atmosphere. Entertainment activities and free public services are part of the first phase. Reconciliation and reform discussions will follow.

Afterwards reconciliation and reform initiatives will be proposed to the National Legislative Assembly to legalise them.

Lt Gen Kampanart will discuss reconciliation plans with representatives of ministries and their departments on June 10.

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