Former flyweight champion arrested

Suksant Chaichana, the former international flyweight champion, was arrested in Loei province early Sunday morning with 22 planks of Ching Chan wood in his pickup truck.

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The arrest of Suksant also known by his boxing name of Saenmuangloei Kokietniyom occurred at about 3am. He was arrested by Loei provincial administrative staff as well as police and soldiers from Chiang Khan and Pak Chom districts of Loei.

The 22 planks of Ching Chan wood (dalbergia oliveri) were found in his silver Toyota pickup truck with the licence plate Bor Tor 2148 registered in Loei. The combined volume of the planks is 1.45 cubic metres and the price is estimated at 1.5 million baht.

Suksant, 29, was charged with violating the Forest Act for possessing more than 0.20 cubic metres of controlled processed wood.

He was a former international flyweight champion with a record of 19 bouts with 13 wins, including three knockouts, three losses and three draws.

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