'Keep your eyes on your colleagues'

Government officials have been urged to report to the Prime Minister's Office if they know any colleague who is carrying out activities or expresses ideas that are considered a threat to national security, the permanent secretary of the Prime Minister's Office said Sunday.

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ML Panadda Diskul, who is also deputy permanent secretary for interior, posted a message on his Facebook page on Sunday saying all civil servants should be an example to others in bringing back peace and happiness to the country. They should help promote unity by not getting involved in corruption, being friendly to civilians and adhering to His Majesty the King's advice.

"I would like to ask all civil servants, state enterprise employees, village headmen, local administrative officials and the general public to provide information about civil servants and government officials working in the country and abroad who take part in activities and express ideas that are unconstructive and threatening security," ML Panadda wrote.

People can send the information to the Prime Minister's Office, www.1111.go.th, the 1111 PO Box or the 1111 hotline.

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