Krathom plants destroyed in Bangkok

A combined police-military team searched a house in Saphan Sung district of Bangkok and cut down a large number of krathom plants, of which the leaves are categorised as a type of narcotic drug, on Tuesday afternoon.

The authorities, with a warrant issued by the Min Buri Court, searched the house in Sammakorn housing estate in Soi Ramkhamhaeng 110 in Saphan Sung district on information that a large number of krathom trees had been grown on the land and in the house owned by Prom Jaeng-im, 64.

The krathom leaves had reportedly been supplied to producers of a narcotic mixture known as 4x100, which is popular with teenagers.

The authorities found full grown krathom trees and saplings, weighing altogether about 1,000kg, and destroyed them.

The house owner was charged with illegally having Category No 5 drugs (krathom leaves) in possession with intent to sell.

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