Junta panel on foreign labour issues

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on Tuesday set up a sub-committee to tackle issues involving the use of foreign workers.

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In his 60/2557 announcement, NCPO chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha formed a sub-committee to improve and accelerate solutions to alien labour problems.

The sub-committee has the chief of joint staff as its head and the director-general of the Department of Employment as its deputy head.

Sub-committee members are the chiefs-of-staff of the armed forces, the directors-general of the Office of Policy and Planning at the Ministry of Defence, the deputy secretary-general of the National Security Council, a coordination director of the Internal Security Operations Command, the directors-general of the Department of Provincial Administration, the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, the Department of Special Investigation, the Department of Skill Development, the Department of Social Development and Welfare, the Department of Disease Control, the Department of East Asian Affairs, the Department of Asean Affairs, and the Department of Health, the commissioners of the Office of Police Strategy and the Immigration Bureau, the director of joint operations, the operation director of the Directorate of Joint Operations, and the Director of the Office of Foreign Works Administration.

The sub-committee can be dissolved or changed when national situations return to normal or a new cabinet takes office.

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