Free movie not popularism: NCPO

The nationwide free screening of the historical epic movie "The Legend of King Naresuan 5" was not a populist policy and credit for the initiative should be given to the cinema owners and movie makers, the National Council for Peace and Order said Thursday.

Spokesman Col Winthai Suvaree said the free screening will be held this Sunday because of the kindness and generosity of cinema operators and rights owners and the creators of the movie. They wanted to join the NCPO's initiatives and show the movie for free in the public interest, he added. The offer should not be regarded as a political issue. 

“The content of this movie can instill patriotism in Thais. It portrays long-standing culture and traditions, Thai identity and reverence for the royal institution, and all these are a priceless part of the national heritage,” Col Winthai said.  

“But we are afraid some people will misinterpret our intention [of offering the free screening] by thinking that the activity is a populist policy which is not in line with our true intention and will sadden and disappoint all the good-intentioned people involved in this project.”

"The Legend of King Naresuan 5" will be screened at 160 cinemas nationwide - equating to about 35,000 seats - on Sunday at 11am. Interested persons can contact the box offices of their local cinemas from 10.30am on that day.

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