District chief resigns on LINE

PHITSANULOK - The 45 members of the "Message from Bang Rakam District" chatroom on LINE got quite a surprise from their district chief on Friday.

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"Enough," began the posting from Supachai Siriluck, who said he would resign from his position on Aug 1.

He aired his frustration over an aspect of the job that bothers many local officials: feeling compelled to seek the "help" of other officials, local traders and other people to buy movie tickets, golf vouchers, dinner tickets and contribute to numerous charity events.

"I feel guilty and I will stop that on Aug 1, 2014," he said.

The district chief confirmed his decision when contaced by reporters and said he would formally hand his resignation letter to the provincial governor later.

Mr Supachai, who has been in his current position for 10 years and has been the chief of five of the nine districts in the northern province, said the message was not aimed at lobbying for sympathy from his supervisor for a promotion.

Being forced to solicit contributions from other people in the district was one of many reasons for wanting to leave the job, he said.

"It's nothing to do with any desire to get promoted. That's never been in my head," he said. "I have been a civil servant for so long and want to take a rest to take care of my ageing mother.

"And it's nothing to do with the military coup as well," he added.

Mr Supachai was a district chief in Phrae province before being transferred to Phitsanulok, which is his home province.

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