Martial law remains in effect

Despite the lifting of the nationwide curfew Friday night, the National Council for Peace and Order(NCPO) continues to keep martial law in place to maintain order.

Authorities agreed to lift the curfew nationwide because the situation had started to return to normal, with no major protests or movements against the NCPO, Patamaporn Ratanadilok na Phuket, a spokeswoman for the NCPO, said at Government House in Bangkok on Saturday.

Even though martial law remained in effect to ensure order, she said, authorities would first enforce normal laws for most crimes.

The NCPO lifted the curfew to improve the atmosphere among the public and tourists but it could be enforced again in any area where there was a movement that would jeopardise security, Miss Patamaporn said.

She also noted that traffic violations, gambling and other crimes dropped during the time the curfew was in place and said people should continue to respect the law even in the absence of the curfew.

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