Kitten survives 80km chassis ride

AYUTTHAYA - A kitten survived a 80-kilometre ride in the lower part of the chassis of his master's car on Tuesday.

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Sasinpitch Kaewrattachanon called rescue workers after hearing ''meow'' under her car while making a stop for petrol refill in Bang Pa-in district.

A team of rescue workers from Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district rushed to the petrol station and looked for the kitten and found him near the right front tyre of the vehicle.

It turned out to be her black male kitten born less than a week ago at her home.

He was there for 80 kilometres since Mrs Sasinpitch drove her car from home to the station.

Although the kitten was not named when he was born, his owner will call him Boonrod or "safe and sound" in Thai from now on.

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