20 Cambodians surrender in Phichit

Police on Tuesday formally took into custody 20 undocumented Cambodian migrant workers in Phichit's Pho Prathap Chang district who had requested that they be arrested and sent home.

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Pol Lt Santi Suebklai, a duty officer at Pho Prathap Chang police station, said police received a phone call from a local resident who had been asked by the Cambodians for help.

The Cambodians wanted him to notify police so they could be arrested and sent home.

One of them told police that they paid 3,000 baht each to a job agent who promised them  jobs at fish farms, but they were instead taken to a sugarcane plantation in Kamphaeng Phet province and they did not like the work there.

Because of this, and the news reports of police and military authorities cracking down on illegal workers, they were worried they could be shot dead if caught. So they decided to report to the police to be arrested and sent home, he said.

They would then seek the proper documents and return to work in Thailand, he said.

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