Farmer robbed after getting rice money

RATCHABURI - A rice farmer saw 94,000 baht in cash from the sale of her crop to a miller disappear into the hands of robbers on Wednesday.

Orasa Niemklam filed a complaint with Ban Pong police station that three men wearing black caps and armed with pistols held her up as she was returning home after selling her second crop to the Siva Mahathep mill in Ban Pong district.

The robbers in a pickup truck called on her to stop, she told reporters. She said she pulled over as she thought the people in the pickup were neighbourhood friends. But they pulled out pistols and forced her to hand over the cash she received from the rice sale.

She said she gave them the money and immediately threw away the motorcycle key.

Under the motorcycle seat was a compartment where she had hidden 144,000 baht in cash she had received from the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives in Ban Pong branch from the rice-pledging scheme.

Pol Col Itthipol Chalayon, chief of Ban Pong police station, radioed officers in the district to look out for the vehicle which had no registration plate. He said he suspected the robbers followed Mrs Orasa from the mill.

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