Two nabbed in Narathiwat drug bust

Border patrol police on Wednesday arrested two men in possession of 24,000 methamphetamine pills in Narathiwat's Bacho district in a sting operation.

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The arrests were announced on Thursday by Pol Col Narong Thananantakul, commander of the 44th Border Patrol Police Unit, at the Phaya Lithai camp in Muang district of Yala.

Police agents contacted a person known only as Kama to buy 24,000 methamphetamine pills.  Kama made an appointment for them to meet two men at the entrance to Village No 6 in tambon Paluka Samo of Bacho district.

The two men showed up and led the police to a rubber plantation to pick up the drugs.  The two - Marudi Chemeng, 26, and Suriya Salae, 23 -  were subsequently arrested.

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