NACC knocks back Yingluck witnesses

The National Anti-Corruption Commission has rejected former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra's request for eight additional witnesses to defend her oversight of the rice-pledging scheme.

The petition was submitted to the NACC on June 10 by Ms Yingluck’s lawyer Norawit Laleang, asking it to allow eight witnesses to testify in her defence in the rice subsidy case. 

The NACC considered the request at its meeting on Thursday and disapproved it, citing concerns over the potential impact on the political conflict, according to a report by Matichon Online. 

The eight are: Chanutpakorn Wongseenil, PWO director; Prakorb Ratanapakdi, director of MOF’s rice business division in his capacity as acting on behalf of MOF’s director; Somchai Sajjaphong, director of the Fiscal Policy Office; Bajr Anantasilp, a specialist from the Comptroller Generals’ Department and vice chairman of the sub-committee on closing the accounts of the rice pledging scheme; Sumeth Laomoraporn, chairman of CP Intertrade Co; Ampon Kittiampon, the cabinet’s secretary-general; Thawil Phuengma, chairman of a committee setting the quality and price of rice in the government’s stock; and Pichai Chunhavachira, an independent accountant.

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