Storms close Chanthaburi beaches

Powerful winds and waves have caused seaside business operators to erect no-swimming signs along local beaches in Chanthaburi.

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The warning signs have gone up on Chao Lao and Laem Sadet beaches in Tha Mai district of the eastern province to ensure public safety during the rainy season.

The local Meteorological Department office said on Saturday that the southwest monsoon in the Gulf of Thailand was contributing to the severe weather. Heavy rainstorms were predicted in Chanthaburi and adjacent Trat province and boat operators were warned to be cautious about rough seas.

The weathermen forecast that the southwest monsoon will strengthen in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea from Sunday through Wednesday. At the same time, low pressure in the Gulf of Tonkin off northern Vietnam will contribute to heavier rain, high winds and waves 2-4 metres high in the upper Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.

Consequently, small boats are advised to stay ashore until the turbulence subsides.

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