Drug suspects nabbed in Si Sa Ket

SI SA KET - The Suranaree Task Force and police on Sunday arrested four suspected drug couriers and seized 2,146 methamphetamine pills, 87 packets of crystal methamphetamine and 10,000 baht cash.

Thirayuth Suchart, 23, was arrested by undercover officers posing as drug purchasers in tambon Krachaeng. The suspect had 200 ya ba pills and 10,000 baht cash in his possession.

After questioning Mr Thirayuth, police later arrested Sangwan Pothisarn, 28, and Pornchai Konsawan, 21, at a house in tambon Pho Krasang and seized 886 speed pills and seven packets of ya ice.

Mr Sangwan told investigators that more drugs were hidden at a house owned by Somboon Wanubon, 20. Police then raided Mr Somboon's house and arrested him after finding 1,060 yaba pills and 80 packets of crystal meth.

The four men were charged with possession of illegal drugs with intent to sell.

Methamphetamine, or ya ba, pills are sold on the street for between 200 and 300 baht each. A gramme of ya ice is about 1,000 to 3,000 baht.

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